I feel like I haven’t slowed down in months. My husband would say the same thing. Between our jobs, promotions, boutique events, new projects at home, raising a tiny human, it has been nothing but hustle and bustle for the Eubanks family. So we decided to take a mini vacay to our beach house this past weekend. No scheduled plans, no fancy date nights. Just a chill weekend. Just me and Adam.


Taking care of yourself AND a baby is hard. (Add a husband in there too) Working a full-time job is hard. Running a small business is hard. Being a parent is hard. Waking up a couple times a night to feed or soothe your baby is hard. Pausing your dinner to answer to work or tend to your baby is hard. Life is hard.

Call it escaping reality. Call it getting away from our kid. Call it being selfish. Call it what you want. But I’m calling it an R&R weekend with my husband.


This was our first vacation since last summer, and first time away from our son for longer than a day. We may have admired every little boy that we saw, and cried at every snapchat that we received, and thought about coming home early more than once, but it was such a relaxing weekend for just me and the hubs and it was much needed!

Always remember it’s okay to do things that you want to do. It’s okay to buy things for yourself sometimes. IT’S OKAY TO TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! It doesn’t even have to be a vacation. But make it a point to take time for yourself every day. Whether it’s soaking in the tub, watching a show on Netflix, eating lunch by yourself, going to the gym, locking yourself in a room for a few minutes, eating a tub of ice cream, whatever! I truly believe that we as women (and men) think that we are being selfish if we take time for ourselves. That we need to only take care of everyone else. But you need to give yourself some grace, love yourself a little more, and take care of you too mama.


PS.. Huge thanks to my mom and stepdad and my in-laws for watching our sweet boy all weekend!

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When Creighton was 2 months old I wrote a post on the things I never want to forget about him and life with him. You can find it here. Fast forward 4+months and there are so many more things to add to that list!

Things I never want to forget…

Your fake cough and fake laugh. Your beautiful smile and how happy you always are. How you scream and jump when you get excited. When Mickey Mouse comes on and you have an instant smile on your face. How you reach up when you want someone to pick you up. Your big, beautiful, blue eyes just like your daddy. How you fall asleep the instant your daddy plays the guitar for you. How your hands go straight to your mouth when you get excited. The rolls on every inch of your body, even on your knee caps. How much you love to be outside. How excited you get when you see Fenway. Your love for splashing in the bathtub. How you spit and blow bubbles when you’re frustrated. The way your eyes light up when MA & Colt play with you. How it takes you a few seconds to figure out if you like the baby food or not. How serious you get when you “talk” to us. When you try to sing lullabies with me. The first few times you held your bottle by yourself. When your daddy puts you in bed with me every morning and how sweet and cuddly you are. How perfect you are for us and that you are our greatest blessing.

I never want to forget all these precious moments. Can’t wait to make many more with you, Creighton Wayne.




Our once baby boy is now SIX MONTHS, HALF A YEAR! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by! I remember like it was yesterday when our sweet babe was just a wee little baby! Now he is outgrowing his carseat, moving all over the place, and more than filling up 12 month clothing!

This is how a usual weekday goes for us…

+Creighton usually wakes up around 7 (thanks to Daddy getting ready in the morning and making SO much racket)
+CW gets his first bottle (he usually drinks 7 oz every feeding)
+He watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Doc McStuffins while I get ready
+In between getting ready I will feed him some homemade baby food
+We get to work and open doors at 10am
+If I’m lucky Creighton will be asleep in his carseat from the (1 mile) drive and he will nap for about an hour
+Once he wakes I feed him another bottle
+From 10am-6pm at work it usually goes like this: play, feed, nap, play, feed, nap….
+Depending on the day and what projects he has going on, Adam may be home cooking, sometimes we get take-out, and sometimes me and CW are on our own for dinner
+At home CW goes from is PortaPlay, to his jumpy swing, to tummytime
+We give him a bath every other night
+He gets his last bottle of the day between 8:30-9:30 and then we put him in his crib for the night. If he fights sleep, Adam plays the guitar for him and he’s out! (Literally the sweetest moment between my guys)
+We all go to sleep around the same time
+Then we get up and do it all over again! Fun life I know! (Wouldn’t trade it for anything)

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All About CW:

+Favorite foods: sweet potatoes, bananas, butternut squash
+Favorite activity: playing in his Oribel Portaplay or his jumpy swing
+Loves bathtime and being outside
+He has been teething for months, but still no sign of teeth
+Still obsessed with his “pup pup” Fenway
+Sleeps in his big boy crib in his own room for 8-10 hours at night
+Hasn’t sucked on a paci in 3 months
+OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse
+Hasn’t been with anyone overnight except mama and daddy



As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.




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TWO THOUSAND SEVENTEEN! WOW! I can’t believe 2016 has already come to an end. What a year it was! We vacationed in Florida with family, my nephew started kindergarten, my hubby started a new job AND got a promotion, we were kickball CHAMPS, my hubby and I started on a new (secret) adventure (details to come soon), and the best part of all we welcomed our sweet baby boy and experienced his first Christmas! 2016 was definitely one for the books!


I’m so looking forward to this year! I have a lot of goals and ideas that I want to happen but above all else I just want to enjoy my family. Watching our little boy grow (which by the way is happening wayyy to fast!) is the most special thing and I don’t want to take it for granted or miss any of it!

PERSONAL || Be present. Putting away my phone and living in the moment. Social media is big time and it really does help you keep in touch and stay in the know, but sometimes we (me) are so worried about documenting every little thing and it’s so easy to miss big moments.

HEALTH || It’s time to get serious about taking care of my body. Sweets are my addiction. After Creighton was born I “needed” sweets everyday. I wasn’t eating healthy like I should and I didn’t care about getting my pre-baby body back. Postpartum struggles are real. Thankfully I have a husband who stays in shape, we have a relationship where he can tell me I need to get with it and I won’t get offended (well sometimes), and we got a lot of workout equipment for Christmas. 2017 (and years to come) will be about meal prepping, eating healthy, and exercising. Hopefully Adam will let me sneak a few sweets once in a while.

FINANCE || Debt-free is the way to be! 4 years later and I still have student loans. Who doesn’t, right? We are very careful and cautious when it comes to money, but I always put my student loans on the back burner… It’s time to start wiping that mess away!

SPIRITUAL || Spend some time with God every day. Of course I say my blessings before eating and thank Him daily for everything He has blessed me and my family with. But I need to make it a priority to stop everything I’m doing, sit down where it’s quiet, and just talk to Him. This year will be so different (for the better) and I know I will accomplish everything I set out for if I focus on God and put Him at the center of it all.

I’m so excited for this new year and fresh start. Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit, and more babies!! 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours! May it be a year full of love!



DIY Play Gym

I love a good DIY project, especially when you can save a good bit of money! Every decent play gym I have found is $30+, some even $99! Not to mention the bright colors that match nothing in our home. (I know, it’s not about looking good, it’s about what makes your baby happy. But for as long as Creighton will let me, I’m staying away from those bright, vivid colors!)

I saw some DIY play gyms on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. Thanks to Creighton’s Pappy (my dad) and myself, our CW has a sweet new toy! Plus it was less than $30 to make!

I forgot to take before pics of each individual wood piece, but you get the idea of the construction. You can get everything you need for this part at Home Depot or Lowes.


I used my favorite stain: Minwax Dark Walnut


I found the cutest ornaments in the Christmas section at Target! They go perfect with the theme of CW’s room!


So happy with how this DIY project turned out! And CW loves it! There’s nothing better than something made by hand with love!

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Things I never want to forget


Your bright smile and laughs early in the morning, how you stare into my eyes while I’m feeding you, when I wrap you in your warm towel and cuddle you after your bath, how you bury and root your face into my chest when you are sleepy, how all it takes for you to smile is to hear your mommy or daddy’s voice, when you constantly kick kick and move your arms while in your bounceRoo and Mamaroo, how perfect you fit in your wrap and how it instantly puts you to sleep, your little coo after you sneeze, when that bottom lip curls out and you look like you are about to cry (omg it melts my heart), how comforted you are when you are breastfeeding, your deep blue glossy eyes when the sun is shining, when I first pick you up in the morning and you stick your hiney out to stretch, how you suck so hard on your fists when you are hungry or how we have to pry your hands out of your mouth to swap them with the bottle, when Fenway licks your face and I can’t tell if you really love it or if you are just so helpless and have to let it happen, how you always have to have a fistful of my hair, when your daddy plays the guitar for you and you just lay there as content as can be, when you are so tired and fighting sleep and all it takes is your head on my shoulder and you are out, how perfect you are for us and that you are our greatest blessing.

I never want to forget all these precious moments. Can’t wait to make many more with you, Creighton Wayne.

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with love

Life with a 6 week old


Long time no blog! I’ve been super busy since my last post… Creighton (CW) turned one month old, I’ve gone back to work, kickball season has begun, and we are spending most weekends hanging out with our family or going on little outings just us three. I haven’t decided if life with a six week old goes by fast or slow. CW is growing and progressing so quickly and he’s not our tiny little baby anymore. On the other hand, I spend my days staring at the clock wondering if it’s ever going to be bedtime, #longdays #tiredmama. Minus the exhaustion and lack of sleep (not trying to terrify you preggo mamas out there), life with a 6 week old has been the greatest blessing of my life. God created the most perfect little boy for us. I could literally stare at him all day. In fact, I do. Luckily, I get to bring CW to work with me so I am with him literally 24/7. I mentioned before that he has progressed so quickly. He’s been eating 4-4.5 oz every 2 hours since he was almost 2 weeks old. He weighs one ounce shy of 12 lbs (although that was over a week ago so I’m sure he has passed that now). He reacts to mine and daddy’s voice now, and oh boy that smile of his when he hears us! It melts my heart every time! He loves to grab things, esp my hair. And the biggest progress, he rolled over last week and now does it almost every we lay him on his belly! You would think I have a 3-4 month old!! Time slow down!

I have a lot of mommy friends and preggo friends and I thought I’d share my two cents on what has worked and what has not worked for life with a 6 week old.

-First of all, Creighton has been spitting up since birth. Our doctor told
us it was just reflux and normal, but it is so annoying. We don’t even use
burp cloths anymore, we literally use old rags during each feeding because
they soak up better. We have tried Gerber, Infamil, Soy Milk, and just
recently switched to Similac Advance in the liquid ready-to-go bottles and
so far he hasn’t spit up like he used to! We are still in the trial run of
the new formula but I would definitely recommend this brand! BTW, CW is not
a fan of powder formula! (Side not for those wondering, I still breastfeed,
I’m just supplementing with formula)

-Wrap it up! I can’t say this enough, invest in a baby wrap or two!
Creighton can be fussy as can be and once I put him in his wrap, he’s done
for! It’s an instant soother! Your baby may react differently, but most of
the mamas I know would agree that they are a miracle! I have 2 Solly Baby
wraps and they are my fave!

4moms… My favorite company ever. We have the bounceRoo, the mamaRoo,
the breeze pack-n-play, and the infant tub. I don’t have one negative thing to
say about either product! The bounceRoo is so lightweight and convenient.
I keep it at work or take it when we go somewhere since it’s so light and
it runs on batteries! The mamaRoo keeps CW content during the day (while he
is watching tv, yes my kid loves the tv). The breeze isn’t anything special,
it’s just a normal pack-n-play but it’s so modern and unlike some of
those hideous ones lol. CW sleeps in the bassinet part a few hours a night.
And finally the infant tub. The tub fits over your kitchen sink and it
tells you the temperature of the water. I mean come on, how genius! Esp.
for us parents who have no clue what’s too hot for a newborn! Well done,

-Gripe Water… these drops are a life saver! Creighton gets a tummy ache
often and has the hiccups at least twice a day. (Is my baby the only one
who becomes the biggest brat when he has the hiccups?! Holy fussy baby!)
Gripe water drops help with gas, hiccups, colic babies, & general fussiness!
And it’s usually instant! We also use Mylicon & Little Remedies gas relief

-Invest in a swing! We are using my nephews old swing and it is probably
my favorite baby product we own. I can put CW in his swing and he will be
content for at least an hour. At night it rocks him to sleep in no time!
That thing is the only reason my house and myself are somewhat put together!

There are plenty of other things that help me get through life with a 6 week old, but these definitely help the most with keeping me sane! Hope this helps you mamas and mamas-to-be!

Until next time!

with love