One month and 11 days. That’s how long it has been since my last blog post. You guys, life is crazy right now! As most of you know, we started a new business Creighton’s Creamery. Between this new adventure, managing another small business (Modern Edge), Adam working a full-time job, and keeping up with a 10 month old (yes our baby is 10 MONTHS OLD NOW!) I feel like I haven’t stopped! (Except this week when I had a mini vacay at the beach!)

First let’s talk ice cream. I can’t even begin to describe how thankful, blessed, and grateful we are by the support of our family, friends, and community! In our 5 weeks of operation we have had 14 events and served over 1,600 people! When Adam and I get in bed at night after an event, it is complete silence. Of course because we are completely exhausted, but also because we can’t stop processing the overwhelming response of our little business and just how far we have come! We never thought this would take off as well as it has. So thank you so much to everyone! To everyone who has booked an event with us, to our customers, to our family who have helped in the truck and helped watch Creighton, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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Now to the 10 month old that I mentioned earlier. Where on earth has the time gone? This time last year I was as big as a cow. I remember like it was yesterday when Creighton was born and just how little he was. His movements were so slow and he made the cutest little coos. Now I can’t get to him fast enough before he knocks something over or climbs on something and he loves to scream and laugh! He loves to eat (and has finally started eating people food). He loves to play in water (bathtub, pool, ocean, dog bowl). He is obsessed with his cousin Matti, and the feeling is very much mutual. He is wearing size 2T (big boy!) He could care less about trying to walk on his own, but he does love to stand and to walk around our coffee table. I can’t believe that he will be ONE in less than 2 months! Stop growing so fast baby boy!

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Other happenings in our life:

Our second annual family trip to Seaside Florida is in 15 days!! This year we get to be there for July 4th and I am so excited! CAN’T . WAIT .

Adam’s first Father’s Day is on Sunday! He is really the best baby daddy. Thank you for all that you do for me and CW babe! Also Happy Father’s day to my daddy, my step-dad, my father-in-law, and my grandpa’s!


If this busy life of mine allows it, I will check back in next week for another post!








Adam and I are so excited to announce our newest adventure:


Creighton’s Creamery is a local family business serving up your favorite ice cream and toppings from our remodeled 1971 Ford Step-van. It has been a long year full of late nights, hard work, trial and error, trips to Home Depot, and keeping a huge secret. But we are so proud to say that we are finally making our debut this weekend at Spring-a-thon in Kershaw, SC!

PS.. our first 10 customers on Friday get 1 free scoop of ice cream!!

It all started with our obsession for ice cream. Like eating out of the tub every night kind of obsession. Or like eating ice cream the second your son was born kind of obsession. And then add in spending weekends at Food Truck Friday.


And that’s when my husband had this great idea to start an ice cream food truck. So we started brainstorming ideas for our new adventure…

our vision: attend festivals and offer bookings for events, birthday parties, weddings, etc.

our name: I was pregnant with Creighton at the time so the name couldn’t have been more clear to us, Creighton’s Creamery.

our first big step: find a truck! 100 Craigslist ads later, we found the one.

Meet “Jack”. One weekend in May we made the trek up to King’s Mountain, North Carolina to pick up the once “Jack’s Handyman & Construction” truck.


And then began the renovating (on Adam’s end) and the marketing and business details (on my end).

Now here we are one year later. With the help of Adam’s dad, my step-dad, my brother, my brother-in-law, various handy guys around town, and the best little supervisor, the truck transformed from a faded, dull, beat-up construction step-van to a clean, shiny, hip truck serving the yummiest ice cream and toppings!

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I want to say a HUGE thank you to my father-in-law for spending so much time and effort making our truck perfect! And an even bigger thank you to Adam! Anyone who knows my husband knows that he loves starting projects. (Most of the time he doesn’t finish them.. ex. our fence, our bathroom, etc. lol Love you babe!) But I am so thankful he had this idea and went through with it! Adam is so driven, determined, smart, goofy but smart, and I admire him dearly! So excited for our new adventure!

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We hope to serve you at the next local festival or host your next event!

Visit our social media pages to find out where we’ll be next or email us at creightonscreamery@gmail.com for bookings!

Keep calm and eat ice cream yall!


I feel like I haven’t slowed down in months. My husband would say the same thing. Between our jobs, promotions, boutique events, new projects at home, raising a tiny human, it has been nothing but hustle and bustle for the Eubanks family. So we decided to take a mini vacay to our beach house this past weekend. No scheduled plans, no fancy date nights. Just a chill weekend. Just me and Adam.


Taking care of yourself AND a baby is hard. (Add a husband in there too) Working a full-time job is hard. Running a small business is hard. Being a parent is hard. Waking up a couple times a night to feed or soothe your baby is hard. Pausing your dinner to answer to work or tend to your baby is hard. Life is hard.

Call it escaping reality. Call it getting away from our kid. Call it being selfish. Call it what you want. But I’m calling it an R&R weekend with my husband.


This was our first vacation since last summer, and first time away from our son for longer than a day. We may have admired every little boy that we saw, and cried at every snapchat that we received, and thought about coming home early more than once, but it was such a relaxing weekend for just me and the hubs and it was much needed!

Always remember it’s okay to do things that you want to do. It’s okay to buy things for yourself sometimes. IT’S OKAY TO TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! It doesn’t even have to be a vacation. But make it a point to take time for yourself every day. Whether it’s soaking in the tub, watching a show on Netflix, eating lunch by yourself, going to the gym, locking yourself in a room for a few minutes, eating a tub of ice cream, whatever! I truly believe that we as women (and men) think that we are being selfish if we take time for ourselves. That we need to only take care of everyone else. But you need to give yourself some grace, love yourself a little more, and take care of you too mama.


PS.. Huge thanks to my mom and stepdad and my in-laws for watching our sweet boy all weekend!

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First things first…

  1. Happy SPRING!
  2. Happy SEVEN MONTHS and 11 days to my baby boy!
  3. I’ve missed you all!

I’ve been a little MIA from blogging and I’m truly sorry. Life can get pretty chaotic and that’s my excuse! Here’s an update on life lately

+ I’m sure if you are reading this you know through facebook, instagram, or word-of-mouth (gotta love small towns) that CW took a fall last Monday. Well if you didn’t, long story short, he rolled off of his changing table while I was bending down to get something. Literally took my eyes off of him for 5 seconds. His head bruised and knotted immediately, we rushed him to an Urgent Care (new mama syndrome over here) just to be safe, and the doc said he was a-ok. We have a very wild, but tough, little boy on our hands!

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+ CW turned 7 months on the 12th. He weighs 21.7 lbs. He loves to eat (shocker). He is wearing 18 months clothing. He isn’t crawling yet but he loves to scoot backwards and spin. He finally had a tooth break through. He still loves being outside, taking baths, Fenway, and Mickey Mouse.

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+ CW was on LIVE with Kelly! My mom sent in a pic of him wearing a LIVE onesie that she bought when she was in NYC. Kelly Ripa held it up on her show last week! How cool is that?! My little famous baby! (Thank goodness the pic was taken before the goose egg on his head happened)



+ Kickball is in full force and we are 4-0! GO CAROLINA BOAT CLUB!



+ I spent 4 days in a row with my sister(s) and favorite little ones last weekend! We had kickball friday, went to a St. Patty’s Day festival Saturday, Church Sunday, and a program at Matti’s school Monday. Time spent with them is always so good for my soul!



+ CW upgraded to a big boy carseat! He officially outgrew his infant seat and we were having to cram him in it. Poor guy… We got the 4EVER ALL-IN-1 by Graco. This carseat can be used from 4lbs to 120lbs! It’s a little pricey but it’s definitely worth the investment when you can use it from infant to booster seat! We’ve only had it a few days but so far I’m so obsessed with it, and I think CW loves it too! (It’s funny the things that excite me now. Like carseats…)



+Who else is excited about Spring? Minus the pollen… Can’t wait to spend more days outside with my little family! PS.. totally drooling over my baby and his daddy in these pics! (insert heart eyes emoji here) 

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When Creighton was 2 months old I wrote a post on the things I never want to forget about him and life with him. You can find it here. Fast forward 4+months and there are so many more things to add to that list!

Things I never want to forget…

Your fake cough and fake laugh. Your beautiful smile and how happy you always are. How you scream and jump when you get excited. When Mickey Mouse comes on and you have an instant smile on your face. How you reach up when you want someone to pick you up. Your big, beautiful, blue eyes just like your daddy. How you fall asleep the instant your daddy plays the guitar for you. How your hands go straight to your mouth when you get excited. The rolls on every inch of your body, even on your knee caps. How much you love to be outside. How excited you get when you see Fenway. Your love for splashing in the bathtub. How you spit and blow bubbles when you’re frustrated. The way your eyes light up when MA & Colt play with you. How it takes you a few seconds to figure out if you like the baby food or not. How serious you get when you “talk” to us. When you try to sing lullabies with me. The first few times you held your bottle by yourself. When your daddy puts you in bed with me every morning and how sweet and cuddly you are. How perfect you are for us and that you are our greatest blessing.

I never want to forget all these precious moments. Can’t wait to make many more with you, Creighton Wayne.




I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! I know I sure have!

+Oh the weather! It has been such a tease for Spring, but I’ve heard people say it will snow again… What?? Anyways, we’ve been enjoying this weather so much! Creighton definitely got his love for outside from his mommy and daddy! We have spent this week going to the park, sitting on the porch, and walking around town! LOVING IT SO MUCH!

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+Some exciting things are happening for my hubby at work! He has accomplished so much in under 2 years with his company and proud doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel! We are celebrating this weekend with a much needed and much deserved date night (at a secret location picked by moi!) You go babe!

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+Lettering and drawing are some of my favorite things to do. My sister got me these calligraphy books and pens for my birthday and I’m about out of pages and ink already! It truly is addictive! lol The Creative Lettering and Beyond book is full of tips, advice, and how-to’s for lettering which is so helpful for beginners (like me)

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+KICKBALL season starts today! This is our 4th season playing and it is so much fun! Side note: we have made it to the championship every year, taking the trophy (there’s no trophy) home last season! If you played sports in high school, or even if you didn’t, and you are looking for a fun (& very competitive) activity, I suggest looking up adult leagues in your area and signing up! Or come watch us in Tega Cay every Friday! Well worth your time! GO CAROLINA BOAT CLUB!image1image2image4image3

I hope everyone has the BEST weekend!!

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I wrote that quote over and over and over again in my calligraphy notebook because I didn’t think it looked good enough to post on instagram. I was writing it, but I wasn’t understanding what I was writing. 

I will not compare myself to a stranger on instagram. 

One of my favorite bloggers shared this quote and I often have to remind myself of it.

I follow so many amazing home bloggers. Their homes are beautiful. Like right out of Waco beautiful. All white everything, shiplap, farmhouse style, complete Chip and Joanna. I always find myself trying to recreate a nook in my house to look just like theirs. STOP CADY!

I see women who just had a baby about the same time I did, and they are back to pre-baby body within a week. Let’s get real, I see their bodies and dream, I go find a workout that focuses on getting washboard abs like theirs, save it to pinterest, and then never look at it again (maybe one time). STOP CADY!

I see so many wonderful moms making their own organic baby food, for every single meal. I try and try to do this (my baby bullet is so convenient and easy to use so I really have no excuse not to). I have sworn up and down that I would not buy baby food, that I would make it like these other moms. STOP CADY!

Their baby is already crawling, why isn’t mine? Their home looks so bright and clean, why doesn’t mine? They are in a TWO-PIECE right after baby, why aren’t I? I just watched 5 makeup tutorials on youtube and bought every single product they used, why doesn’t my face look like theirs?

What am I doing to myself? Who do I think I am?

My life isn’t perfect but it is just right for me. So why am I trying to make it look like someone else’s?

I am so proud of how hard my husband and I have worked on our home. It is our own style, a mix of old, new, rustic, farmhouse, boho, modern, vintage, and completed with the most uneven floors I’ve ever seen in a house. Is it okay to get inspiration from other people? Absolutely! I’m not saying you can’t get ideas from others, but why are we so quick to go buy something or move something around because we saw someone else’s living room this way?

My body is so different from every other woman. We are all so different. First of all I was carrying a 9+ pound baby and had to eat for the both of us (that was always my excuse lol). Is it okay to get inspiration from fit mamas? Absolutely. But is it okay to question why I’m not bouncing back to my pre-baby body like they are? HECK to the NO!

I envisioned myself breastfeeding for 6+ months. Nope. Making every bit of baby food from scratch. Nope. Never throwing my baby at my husband the second he walks in the door. Nope. Working out every single day from the day Creighton was born until bathing suit season. Nope.

Nope. Nope. Nope. NOPE.

My life is perfect for me. And your life is perfect for you. Life is easier and way more meaningful when you live your life your own way. Look for inspiration, follow people for ideas, save all the pins you want, but stop beating yourself down for not looking the way they do, or cooking how they cook, or decorating how they decorate.


I will not compare myself to a stranger on instagram. I will not.